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Campania is easily accessible from all over the world,
whether travelling straight to Naples or to nearby Rome.
Situated at the heart of the Mediterranean, the region is in close proximity to Spain, Northern Africa and Southern France.
The Romans called it “Campania felix”, for its temperate climate and verdant landscape.
Indeed, Campania is a land of radiant and mesmerizing beauty, geographically rich and diverse.
Volcanic formations, underground caves, islands and coastal resorts, woodland, lakes and mountain chains make Campania an ideal site for spectacular outdoor location shoots.
With its outstanding archaeological heritage, the ancient historic centres of its towns,
the glamour of the coastal resorts and the islands, the intriguing appeal of its larger cities,
Campania presents a truly impressive range of unique locations.
Its large dockland areas and de-industrialised metropolitan sites make it a suitable choice of location also for contemporary and fantasy settings.