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Production Support and Funding Schemes

Since its inception, Film Commission Regione Campania has worked to enhance a film friendly environment in Campania, lobbying local authorities to support its strategic aim of promoting the regional territory as an ideal setting for audiovisual production.
The welcoming and cooperative environment promoted by Film Commission Regione Campania has ensured the best possible conditions for the making of a significant number projects.

Linked below is a comprehensive list of feature films, TV drama series, documentaries, short films, factual and entertainment television programmes and advertisements partially or wholly shot in Campania with the aid of the Film Commission since the year 2005. The titles marked with an asterisk were made with financial support from the Campania Regional Government. (the year indicated corresponds to the shooting period)

Renowned standards of efficiency and reliability are highly-praised strengths of the FCRC’s production front office; but no less important is the scope and range of projects planned together with the Department for Culture and Tourism of the Campania Regional Government for the implementation of Regional Law 30/16 “Cinema Campania” and of the project “New Strategies for Cinema in Campania” – financed through the POC 2014-2020 programme. As well as film production funding provided by the Annual Operational Plan, the agenda is already set with schemes to encourage Campania-based film professionals and businesses to upgrade their skills and participate in markets and networking activities. This agenda also includes measures to support young people’s creativity and business initiatives, the development of new audiovisual forms and a preliminary plan for the creation of a Regional Media Centre.


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